bubbies co
Let your story, be our journey
Each relationship is unqiue, and there is no one size fits all. We are determined to make each story meaningful from day one Let us be part of your wonderful journey.
Pick your memes, no more typing
We all love memes and gifs, who wouldn’t? That’s we replaced typing your interests with choosing your favourite memes. We want it to be interactive and relatable to you so go ahead and pick!
A profile speaks a thousand words
Just a right amount of everything. Sleek design that captures the essence of a profile all within a gesture. Skip the need to start a small talk to just know if your match is compatible.
No excuses, grab a bite
Food bonds people, that’s why we make it even easier for you to find a place to meet. Wanna have a drink? Right here in your conversation, pick a place and meet.
And we're only getting started
We have so much in planning and we can’t wait to launch it for you to use. Meanwhile, share with your friends about our app. Because everyone deserves a better date.
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